Manifesto is an epitome of my design language and personality, consisting of eleven points, some of which are famous quotes:

  1. Bad design is smoke, while good design is a mirror
  2. Style – content = crap
  3. I believe the little things in our daily life have the potential to remind people of important things, forgotten, yet eternal feelings. We can profoundly moved by these familiar yet forgotten memories. 
  4. The philosophy of regress
  5. There is a philosopher between a good designer and a limited designer.
  6. Good design doesn’t need explanation; it is explained by itself.
  7. Design is a lifestyle.
  8. In a commercial society like this, it is important to keep a purity state of mind. Design can’t be avoid to be related to the commercial, but don’t to be the slave of market profit.
  9. Design is boundless.
  10. Design comes from reality, and back to origin.
  11. We need dangerous ideas.

Inspired by my first manifesto, I employed mirror as a physical representation of the main theme throughout the eleven points. 


  1. 好的设计是一面镜子,而糟糕的设计是一团烟雾。
  2. 风格 - 内容 = 垃圾
  3. 我相信日常中的小事物有着唤醒人们想起一些重要的已经忘记的事情和感受的潜能。
  4. 倒退的哲学。
  5. 一个有限制的设计师和一个好的设计师中间差了一个哲学家。
  6. 好的设计不需要解释,一切都可以由它自身解释。
  7. 设计是一种生活方式。
  8. 保持纯粹的精神状态在如今的商业社会中很非常重要的。 设计不能避免商业化,但不要变成利益的奴隶。
  9. 设计无边界。
  10. 设计来自生活,然后回归本真。
  11. 我们需要危险的想法。


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