Do you realize how important your memory is? Your memory is something develops with you over our lifetime, and it contains everything about you. What’s storage in your head is far more than a collection of facts and figures, but the experience you make up for your life. Autobiographic memory is different from learning ability. The ways you think of the past influence how you image the future. We piece together the fragment memories to create an idea of the future.  

I think we all can draw some comfort effect that we will be remembered by others as well when we had been able pass those on to a family but also the effects we will survive in their memory too. Remember the past is one of the nature miracles. It’s incredible unusual. Think about the time’s arrow going one direction, we can reverse that; we can have time travel back to the past. Memories in every stage of your life, we can close eyes and remember what happened yesterday.

Your memory is you. At the end of your life, your memory will be filled of your experience, your secrets and dreams.

你可知回忆有多重要? 它随着你的生命延续,包含你的一切。你大脑中储存的不止是信息和图像的集合,更多的是你过往的经历。自我记忆不同于学习能力,你如何看待过去的经历同样影响着你如何看待未来。我们把记忆的碎片拼凑在一起去创造对未来的详细。



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