This audio is the original source where I got the idea of this work. The audio is about crime scenes. Every crime scene hides a story, and the crime scene investigators need to find out the whole story from the tiny things. 

My idea is to design a product to let my audiences recollect their original intention from the tiny things of memory. As time goes by, and the surroundings around us are changing so quick, we are easily forgetting our original thoughts. 

"Essence is a state that we need most to go back to whenever we feel more sensitive, worried, vulnerable or even physically ill."  When you get sick, you probably need the medicine to cure, but sometimes you get really sick, you need memory to cure yourself, so I named this project CURE ME. When you open the box, you can find those moments back.

“不忘初心,方得始终” is a sentence from Chinese Buddhist scriptures. It has the same meaning with “Stay Gold”, which comes from the poem “Nothing gold can stay” from Robert Frost. Nothing stays as time goes by, only the gold, can keep its purity through time and fire. “Stay Gold”, don’t forget the original mind no matter how the surroundings change.


我的概念则是设计一件产品让打开它的人可以重新从回忆的小细节中找回初心。时过境迁,周围的一切都变得太快, 我们很容易忘记初衷。“当我们敏感,害怕,脆弱甚至生病的时候,都应该回归初心。” 当你生病的时候,你可能需要药物来治愈,但有时生病难受的不只是身体而是心,我想这时候你需要回忆来治愈,所以这件作品我取名为治愈我。当你打开这个盒子的时候,你能找回一缕思绪。

“不忘初心,方得始终”这句话实际上来自于《华严经》里面的一段经文。在英文中我认为和Robert Frost的一首诗“Nothing gold can stay”(岁月留金)是相同的意思。在时光的冲刷之下,什么都留不下。但唯有金子,不畏时间,不畏火炼,总能保持最初的那份纯度。所以,stay gold就是告诫我们要想金子一样,无论环境怎样变,不忘初心。

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