Ya Gao ( Lily )

Graphic Designer / Photographer / Illustrator


When it comes to graphic design, audiences are mostly fickle. Since there is too much information online and offline, people skip over information quickly. Because of this it can be difficult to draw an audience’s attention and even harder to engage them for a long period of time. I believe the little things in our daily life have the potential to remind people of important things, forgotten, yet eternal feelings. We can profoundly moved by these familiar yet forgotten memories.

My works from school days were focus on the creation and innovation, I believe good ideas are better than the meaningless technology dazzle. Although most of my internship and jobs are related to the electronic media, I still have passion on printing and paper products. I hope I could be a designer with artisan spirit. I want to do the design with emotion, have stories behind my photos. Art is my lifestyle.